Read All About It! BornFree™ is “simply the perfect choice”

The Children’s Health and Wellbeing section of today’s Guardian featured an article on BornFree™ written by maternity nurse, Margarita Atieh.

Margarita specialises in VIP and celebrity clients, including Tamara Beckwith, one of her most recent clients. She has also contributed her expert knowledge to articles in ‘Pregnancy and Birth’ and ‘Mother & Baby Magazine’.

Margarita begins;

One of the questions I’m most frequently asked by prospective parents is:”Which is the best feeding system for my impending arrival?”

She goes on to say:

BornFree™ bottles are designed for combination breast and bottle feeding…should you wish to give expressed breast milk from a bottle or top ups of formula milk…

…I’ve come to the conclusion that the BornFree™ Feeding System is a ‘first class feeding system’ and provides the best solution for a new baby’s needs….

…the most important, if not ‘winning’, factors for me are the system’s ‘practicality’ and the safety of the materials used.

Glowing praise indeed! Thanks for your support Margarita.


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