Notes from Motherhood:Here come the Dads!

The Daily Mail has featured an article today which talks about how the Labour Party wants to put fatherhood at the heart of social policy.

In the run up to the general election competition between the parties is hotting up. In a new move, to counter the Tory’s plan to tackle family breakdown, Labour have announced that they will give new fathers more access to ante-natal classes as well as a New Dad’s guide.

The article features a quote from Schools Secretary, Ed Balls

‘We haven’t done enough in the past to support dads and their role in childbirth in the months and weeks beforehand, even though we know this is the most vulnerable time for a couple. All the evidence is if fathers are properly engaged and involved at that time, then they stay, they’re supportive to their children, they do all the things which then lead to better child outcomes.’

It’s great to know there is recognition from the government that the role of the father in childcare is so important, but the article ends with this rather cutting remark from the Conservative spokesman for family policy, David Willetts:

Labour have spent a decade focusing only on mother and baby and at this late stage they’re claiming at last to have discovered the importance of fathers and grandparents.

You can read the Daily Mail article here:

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