Mums love Bornfree! Check out this amazing review!

I’ve just received this fantastic review from a lovely mum called Simone Riches. Simone has a gorgeous daughter, Olivia, and has been sharing with me some of the wonderful milestones of her little one’s first year-celebrating her first birthday, learning to toddle etc.

We love hearing from BornFree mums and dads about their babies and toddlers and we especially love posting fantastic comments like these on our blog for all to see.

Olivia and I love BornFree bottles for completely different reasons…

Liv, my 1 year old beautiful daughter loves her drinking cup because she can easily carry it around with her when she is toddling everywhere (and I mean everywhere, the bottle has travelled all over the country with us!). The comfy handles can be taken off too so the cup is multi use and interchangeable! The teat is “chewable” and considering Liv has her 5th tooth popping through we are finding this acts as a very good teether.  I have even found little dents around the teat!! Liv is comfortable using this cup and does not have to struggle to tip it vertically like some bottles.

The bottle has a low vacuum value which helps children who suffer with colic, we have never found this to be a problem however it’s lovely to know that so much thought has gone into producing these bottles!

We first tried Liv with the smaller drinking cup and as she adapted so well that it was always going to be a natural to move on to the larger cup (which holds even more juice to throw around!) Spare teats are available for the bottles meaning they can be constantly used without the worry of having to change the cup our little ones have got used to using.

Now why do I like it so much considering I am not actually drinking from it… I am fully reassured by the fact ALL bottles made by BornFree are BPA Free, not just one or two bottles in the range but the whole range! Mums are now more aware of BPA and how important it is to use products that are fully BPA free so what better products to use and support than BornFree!

In all honesty I will always love whatever Olivia loves using however her health means more to me than anything, so when BornFree offer products that are BPA Free and my little one enjoys using then what is not to love!!  We will continue to use BornFree bottles and nothing else and recommend them to all the mums we know and hope that one day there may be a pink or a purple cup too… hint hint!!

Happy sipping!!

Thank you Simone and Olivia.

ps I will pass on your suggestions too!


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