Interview with Ron Vigdor

Tot Snob is a US website devoted to all thing fabulous for tots. I’m blogging about them now because they have just published a great interview with Ron Vigdor, the President of BornFree, which answers some of the key questions about how BornFree came about.

Why did you start Born Free?

I saw a documentary in 2006 regarding the harm caused by BPA in plastics and it inspired me to develop products that would do good and be good.

This is not related to BPA but it’s the questions we all want to ask. Can you make a truly leak proof sippy cup?

Born Free has a free flowing venting system that is leak proof. It is designed to flow freely when it is turned on its side, as a part of our philosophy. Once the nuzzling starts, the baby should get liquid without having to suck too much, which can cause colic and inner ear infections. Other sippy cups that claim to be “leak free” have a stopper that requires the baby to suck too much, which can cause colic. And when the stopper is finally released, too much liquid goes to the back of the throat too quickly, which can cause inner ear infections. Our venting system has a ring that prevents leaking from the sides (through the threads) and another ring that has grooves to allow air to go in which prevents colic

To read the whole article go here


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