Dads love BornFree!

Being a new parent is hard work! But it’s a lot easier when it’s approached as a team effort. In the early days, the onus is on the new mummy but there are plenty of ways a partner can contribute and support : night feeds, nappy changes, looking after siblings, cooking, cleaning, foot massages…….I could go on.

In my work as social network coordinator I hear a lot about ‘hands on Dads’ and I’m very pleased to be able to post this  lovely feedback from new Dad Ben Mynott, who clearly has his wife and baby’s best interests at heart:

This is the truth… we started Toby on the bottle just over a week ago so I could do one of the night feeds (so Vick can get some well-earned shut eye!) – and the first 3-4 night we gave him the milk in the Philips avent bottles. NO! They just gave him wind! Poor little thing was in bits. We then bought some Philips Airflow bottles… better… but the only ones he’ll take without any fuss, are the BornFree ones – he just seems to love them. Last couple of nights he’s been a star, fed and then gone straight back to sleep. So thank you so much


 Great news Ben, glad we could help too!


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