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BornFree’s Ron Vigdor in The New York Times!

Good news, The New York Times  is currently featuring  BornFree’s president Ron Vigdor in their “You’re the Boss” column. The article is about two entrepreneurial brothers who have invented an all in one razor, the Shave Mate and it highlights their struggle to get a foothold in a market dominated by giants like Gillette.  Ron Vigdor is one of several small business owners who have been asked to give their analyses and share their similar experiences. Ron says:

I’ve learned that to launch a successful brand you need to create an innovative product that fills a niche and be first to market with your concept…..I had a similar experience when founding BornFree. Instead of trying to compete with the established brands, BornFree focused on what made our brand unique. We were the first brand to offer baby products free of Bisphenol A. We first launched in Whole Foods, where there was a higher consumer demand for products free of toxins and chemicals,

We are very proud of the fact that we have never used harmful toxins like BPA in products and have pioneered the BPA-Free baby bottle market and it’s amazing to see our founder talking about it in publications like the New York Times. Congratulations Ron!

You can read the full article here:


The GreenKiddie reviews are here!

Last month we teamed up with our favourite green parenting website GreenKiddie  to find testers for our BPA-Free, leak proof, anti-colic bottles! Five mummy bloggers who bottle-feed their babies (either expressing their breastmilk or using formula) were selected and they have now all posted up the reviews on their blogs.

We have been overwhelmed by the positive comments and recommendations and can’t wait to share them all with you. Here’s a snippet from each mum to whet your appetite and you can click on the links beneath to read the whole review :

I also love the sealing disc as I can bring the bottle in my bag with no chance of spills from it as always happened with the old ones!

Success. She took no exception to the teat and had no sign of gas afterwards, I was chuffed and she was full! Happy days!

she can hold them easily due to their shape and they seem to provide the sort of flow that she needs at her age. She actually points to them over her old bottles.

 She hardly wastes any milk with these (normally her muslin is sodden, but not when I use these bottles).

My little one had no issues at all switching to the BornFree bottles and really seemed to ‘enjoy’ them.

Thanks to all our testers, and congratulations on your fabulous blogs!

BornFree is hosting discussions with Mums Like You

Did you know that we are hosting discussions over the next few months on the Mums Like You forum? We’ll be covering topics on Safety, Breast to Bottle, Anti-Colic and Bottle to Cup feeding.

One of the best things about mums network forums is the almost instant feedback that is offered by other mums when you have a question or problem to solve. And of course we’ll be on hand to answer any questions you may have about BornFree .

If you’re not already familiar with the Mums Like You site come and take a look, it’s a lovely community and very welcoming. We’re looking forward to seeing you there soon.

Facebook Competition

It’s competition time again and this week we are giving away a twin pack of BPA-Free Training Cups to one person who answers this :

How old was your baby when you first introduced them to drinking from a cup and how did they take to it?

Post your answer as a comment here or under the competition post on the BabyBornFree UK Facebook Fan page. As always with the Facebook contest you can increase your chances of winning by clicking  ’share’ at the end of the post and posting an additional comment to tell me you’ve done so.

The winner will be announced on Sunday 2nd May. Good luck!

BornFree gets a mention in Prima Baby!

We’re very pleased to see that one of our favourite celebs has a new column in Prima Baby and Pregnancy Magazine. Denise Van Outen, now in her third trimester, is writing a fabulous Pregnancy Diary and we are so excited about getting a mention in the section called In my hospital bag you’ll find…


Facebook Competition!

It’s time for a new Facebook competition. We always love to hear parents’ opinions, so to win a twinpack of BornFreeVented Glass Bottles this week we’re asking you to answer this:

What do you think about glass baby bottles and would you ever use them?

Post your answer as a comment here or under the competition post on the BabyBornFree UK Facebook Fanpage. As always with the Facebook contest you can increase your chances of winning by clicking  ’share’ at the end of the post and posting an additional comment to tell me you’ve done so.

The winner will be announced on Friday 23rd April. Good luck!

Notes from Motherhood:Births rarely go to plan!

You may have seen my recent post My Water Birth Story which I submitted to the Birth Story Carnival now live on the and1moremakes4 blog. If you love a good birth story then grab a box of tissues, hop on over there and take a look:

When I conceived my first baby I was blissfully unware of how unpredictable pregnancy and birth, and, let’s face it, babies, can be. It wasn’t until I’d done some research that I began to get a handle on how little ‘control’ you have over any of it and as a result I decided not to make a Birth Plan and just go with the flow. 

That said, reading some of the Birth Stories in the Blog Carnival has still proved to be an eye opener for me. I am amazed at the plethora of stories that have been included in the post, and I am still working my way through them! Home births, emergency sections, hypnobirthing, surprisingly quick labours, and painfully long labours are all there for us to share.

Today’s Daily Mail features an article TV stylist Nicky shunned the NHS for a private home birth – then things went terribly wrong..which illustrates just how unpredictable birth can be. You may remember I recently wrote a post Celebrities Love BornFree about Nicky Hambleton-Jones and I mentioned that she had endured a rumoured 5 day labour.

Well you can now read the full story of how her planned home birth turned into a five day labour followed by an emergency c-section under general anaesthetic. Nicky talks about how her traumatic experience effected her ability to breastfeed and how exhaustion delayed her bonding with her baby.

So many mothers go through a traumatic birth of one kind or another for so many different reasons and it takes a huge amount of love and support to get through those first days, weeks and more. For many of us, sharing our birth story is a not just a way of  remembering the precious arrival of our children but can offer a very therapeutic way of accepting the unexpected and calming troubled waters.

So next time a mother you know starts to bore you with her birth story again, just grin and bear it; after all that’s what she had to do!

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