BornFree’s Ron Vigdor in The New York Times!

Good news, The New York Times  is currently featuring  BornFree’s president Ron Vigdor in their “You’re the Boss” column. The article is about two entrepreneurial brothers who have invented an all in one razor, the Shave Mate and it highlights their struggle to get a foothold in a market dominated by giants like Gillette.  Ron Vigdor is one of several small business owners who have been asked to give their analyses and share their similar experiences. Ron says:

I’ve learned that to launch a successful brand you need to create an innovative product that fills a niche and be first to market with your concept…..I had a similar experience when founding BornFree. Instead of trying to compete with the established brands, BornFree focused on what made our brand unique. We were the first brand to offer baby products free of Bisphenol A. We first launched in Whole Foods, where there was a higher consumer demand for products free of toxins and chemicals,

We are very proud of the fact that we have never used harmful toxins like BPA in products and have pioneered the BPA-Free baby bottle market and it’s amazing to see our founder talking about it in publications like the New York Times. Congratulations Ron!

You can read the full article here:


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