Mums love BornFree!

You may remember that back in June we held a ‘Brag about Dad’ competition to celebrate Father’s day and we chose 3 families who each received £100 in BornFree products. Our winners were given the pick of our online shop and we were delighted that one of our winners, Nicola, has sent us a fantastic review of the products that she chose.


I cannot believe the outstanding quality of the BornFree collection.  I’d heard about BPA free products, and I was slightly aware of the dangers in plastics, however BornFree have now educated me fully on the danger of BPA plastics, and I can honestly say that I no longer purchase ANY products that are not BPA free!  My first opinion of the products was how shockingly different the silicone was compared to normal dummies/bottles.  It felt SO much more like ‘skin’ than normal plastic, so much so, my baby never took to dummies too well until I used BornFree soothers.


With my first son, I used Tommee Tippee bottles, I went for these as they sold me on the ‘closest to nature’ however this was only based on the shape of them.  With my second son, I chose Avent, I have to say these were the most annoying bottles possible, they leaked constantly, and they were ‘free flow’ which meant that the baby chooses the speed of the teat.  All that happened is that Dylan gagged on the milk as it came out too fast for him.  I switched to BornFree, and at first I didn’t understand the insert part in the bottle, my husband moaned that it was too fiddly, but as soon as we started using the bottles, we realised how fundamental this part is to the brilliance of the bottle.  Dylan drinks brilliantly from these bottles, they are the perfect speed and DON’T leak – hooray finally a bottle that doesn’t leak!  The final thing to observe about these bottles are the teats, the texture of the silicone is so smooth in comparison to other bottles, I love these bottles and so does my 8 month old.  I recommend these to all my friends and will never go back to any other kind of bottle again!


I’ve been trying to wean my baby onto soothers for ages now, he has always comforted on the breast, so anything ‘plastic’ in his mouth never sat well, until he started using BornFree dummies.  I love the feel of them, you can immediately tell the difference in them and I love the shape and look of the soothers.  My only two requests, a) I want to be able to buy these in stores such as Boots or Sainsbury’s so they are more easily purchased and b) I’d like the option to have a different shape, i.e. the fully rounded dummies.

Twist N’Pop Cup

My 3 year old LOVES these bottles, he calls them his space ship cups, I’ve not found a twist cup that doesn’t leak until now.  Brilliant shape, perfect size to satisfy his thirst on an all day trip and finally the thing I like most about them, is that you can remove the see through cap and clean them really well!  I’d love to see these in smaller sizes (I think for little trips out its easier to carry a smaller cup, and for liquid content now that we are potty training!) and I’d like to see these in more shops to purchase.


Trainer cups

I gave up on trainer cups with my first child when I bought a tommee tippee cup that had a funny ‘stick’ in it that you had to squeeze???  Then I moved right onto the free flow little cups, which are fine for him now, but always use to flow too quick for him.  My baby loves his trainer cups, they flow at the correct speed, and he really loves chewing on the spout part, the handles are easy to hold and thanks to the insert section they don’t leak!



Great, the silicone is very smooth and it’s nice to know that he is ‘chewing’ safely!  I love the shape of the teething ring, and the middle part is great for attaching a string to,  preventing him losing it when we are out and about.


Our thanks go to Nicola Jenkins of who has very kindly taken the time to give us this amazing feedback.


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