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Mums love BornFree!

You may remember that back in June we held a ‘Brag about Dad’ competition to celebrate Father’s day and we chose 3 families who each received £100 in BornFree products. Our winners were given the pick of our online shop and we were delighted that one of our winners, Nicola, has sent us a fantastic review of the products that she chose.


I cannot believe the outstanding quality of the BornFree collection.  I’d heard about BPA free products, and I was slightly aware of the dangers in plastics, however BornFree have now educated me fully on the danger of BPA plastics, and I can honestly say that I no longer purchase ANY products that are not BPA free!  My first opinion of the products was how shockingly different the silicone was compared to normal dummies/bottles.  It felt SO much more like ‘skin’ than normal plastic, so much so, my baby never took to dummies too well until I used BornFree soothers.


With my first son, I used Tommee Tippee bottles, I went for these as they sold me on the ‘closest to nature’ however this was only based on the shape of them.  With my second son, I chose Avent, I have to say these were the most annoying bottles possible, they leaked constantly, and they were ‘free flow’ which meant that the baby chooses the speed of the teat.  All that happened is that Dylan gagged on the milk as it came out too fast for him.  I switched to BornFree, and at first I didn’t understand the insert part in the bottle, my husband moaned that it was too fiddly, but as soon as we started using the bottles, we realised how fundamental this part is to the brilliance of the bottle.  Dylan drinks brilliantly from these bottles, they are the perfect speed and DON’T leak – hooray finally a bottle that doesn’t leak!  The final thing to observe about these bottles are the teats, the texture of the silicone is so smooth in comparison to other bottles, I love these bottles and so does my 8 month old.  I recommend these to all my friends and will never go back to any other kind of bottle again!


I’ve been trying to wean my baby onto soothers for ages now, he has always comforted on the breast, so anything ‘plastic’ in his mouth never sat well, until he started using BornFree dummies.  I love the feel of them, you can immediately tell the difference in them and I love the shape and look of the soothers.  My only two requests, a) I want to be able to buy these in stores such as Boots or Sainsbury’s so they are more easily purchased and b) I’d like the option to have a different shape, i.e. the fully rounded dummies.

Twist N’Pop Cup

My 3 year old LOVES these bottles, he calls them his space ship cups, I’ve not found a twist cup that doesn’t leak until now.  Brilliant shape, perfect size to satisfy his thirst on an all day trip and finally the thing I like most about them, is that you can remove the see through cap and clean them really well!  I’d love to see these in smaller sizes (I think for little trips out its easier to carry a smaller cup, and for liquid content now that we are potty training!) and I’d like to see these in more shops to purchase.


Trainer cups

I gave up on trainer cups with my first child when I bought a tommee tippee cup that had a funny ‘stick’ in it that you had to squeeze???  Then I moved right onto the free flow little cups, which are fine for him now, but always use to flow too quick for him.  My baby loves his trainer cups, they flow at the correct speed, and he really loves chewing on the spout part, the handles are easy to hold and thanks to the insert section they don’t leak!



Great, the silicone is very smooth and it’s nice to know that he is ‘chewing’ safely!  I love the shape of the teething ring, and the middle part is great for attaching a string to,  preventing him losing it when we are out and about.


Our thanks go to Nicola Jenkins of who has very kindly taken the time to give us this amazing feedback.


Check Out This Fantastic BornFree Review!

We’ve been very lucky to have a  review of our training cups posted on the natural parenting blog Diary Of  A First Child .

The author, Lushka, talks about how she wanted to introduce a cup to her exclusively breastfed daughter to make sure she stays hydrated in the hot weather. After struggling unsuccessfully with various cups she found BornFree and, well, the rest is history!

These 9 oz. (290ml) cups are BPA, phthalates and PVC free which means that no harmful ingredients seep in to the baby’s drinking water. The spout itself has proven to be a very useful teething toy too: Kyra bites it, enjoys the squeaky sound and it releases little bits of water in to her mouth, which makes me happy

Fantastic, well done Kyra!

Lushka is also running a fab BornFree giveaway on her blog and if you’d like a chance to win a set of 4 BornFree BPA-Free Training Cups then follow this link

You have until 19th July to join in. Good luck!

The GreenKiddie reviews are here!

Last month we teamed up with our favourite green parenting website GreenKiddie  to find testers for our BPA-Free, leak proof, anti-colic bottles! Five mummy bloggers who bottle-feed their babies (either expressing their breastmilk or using formula) were selected and they have now all posted up the reviews on their blogs.

We have been overwhelmed by the positive comments and recommendations and can’t wait to share them all with you. Here’s a snippet from each mum to whet your appetite and you can click on the links beneath to read the whole review :

I also love the sealing disc as I can bring the bottle in my bag with no chance of spills from it as always happened with the old ones!

Success. She took no exception to the teat and had no sign of gas afterwards, I was chuffed and she was full! Happy days!

she can hold them easily due to their shape and they seem to provide the sort of flow that she needs at her age. She actually points to them over her old bottles.

 She hardly wastes any milk with these (normally her muslin is sodden, but not when I use these bottles).

My little one had no issues at all switching to the BornFree bottles and really seemed to ‘enjoy’ them.

Thanks to all our testers, and congratulations on your fabulous blogs!

The BornFree testers have been announced at GreenKiddie

We are very happy to hear that 5 mums have been chosen from everyone who applied to be testers for BornFree with GreenKiddie. Congratulations ladies, we can’t wait to hear what you and your babies think of our bottles!

BornFree featured in April’s Practical Parenting!

As a mum I love reading parenting magazines, they offer so much to a new (and not so new) mum. From how to conceive, all the way to dealing with toddler tantrums and beyond, the expertise is offered with warmth and friendliness.

From health tips to accessorising your bump, parenting magazines can offer that extra bit of support and reassurance almost like a friend or family member, and for me  it’s so exciting to see my favourite BPA-Free baby bottle company, BornFree, appearing in one of them.

The April issue of  Practical Parenting has a great feature called’ ‘Star Mums’  and this month’s theme is ‘Shop Like the Stars’. There is a fabulous picture of the style icon Gwen Stefani and her beautiful baby boy Zuma sporting a BornFree BPA-Free baby bottle.

How cool is that! Not only are we the first baby bottle company to never ever use BPA in our products but we are the bottle of choice for the beautiful people too. Swoon!

To get Zuma’s style go to our website

Fantastic Feedback from the Mother & Baby Testers

You may remember that we were very proud last November to receive a Silver Award in the Best Product For Bottle Feeding category.

We have now received some of the Tester’s Feedback for the products that BornFree entered and it’s so fabulous that we want to share.

Category Entered – Best Product for Bottle Feeding

Name of Product – Bornfree BPA Free Plastic Bottle

 My son really liked these bottles, he’s usually a very messy drinker and ends up with a ‘milk beard’ but with these he didn’t dribble any milk out.  I found them really easy to make my sons formula up in, also to clean and sterilise.

I am overwhelmed how much I like it, even my partner said he looks forward to using it. My daughter can sometimes be a slow feeder and the comfort and the light weight of the bottle make it more enjoyable. My daughter has been less windy and does attach to the teats better than most bottle. Will definitley buy these when I have another child… I think its a pity they are not better known

I am really impressed with these bottles, the value for money is brill. we realised after using these bottles for a few days that Isabelle wasnt sick as much as she normally is when using her normal bottles, which for any parent is brilliant, as it reduces washing!

Of the bottles I have used so far this is the one I would recommend to new mums or mums starting bottle feeding. 

Great for windy babies.

 We didn’t win anything in the next category but the feedback is so good that we’re posting it anyway.

Category Entered – Best Product for Weaning

Name of Product – BPA Free 220ml Trainer Cup

An excellent cup that made the transition from breast feeding to a cup very easy, lovely bright colours, my daughter loves it.

We LOVED this product… It’s a great size, and as it’s more ‘bottle’ shaped, provided a perfect transistion from bottle to ‘cup’. Eleanor is able to feed herself so easily with it without struggling to get anything out, or vice versa without absolutely soaking  herself!! Great product – would certainly recommend this one!

I am impressed with the low vacuum valve in the cup, I feel this is allowing Olivia more control whilst drinking. Coordinating holding a bottle, tipping it up, drinking and controlling how much is actually drunk is not easy for a baby so I have found that this has been a huge help allowing Olivia to control how much she drinks herself. Even when she has controlled it herself I have not noticed any leakages from the cup  All in all I was very impressed with this cup, we used it whilst travelling and felt very comfortable letting Olivia hold this by herself.

In general, a very good product… we have hardly any spills from dribbling! The bottle brush is fantastic, it is a unique design I’ve not seen before and works very well!

Thanks so much to all those lovely testers out there for your amazing feedback, we love hearing what you think of BornFree BPA-Free baby products.

You can find our products at our online shop

and online and instore at Mothercare and Boots

Another great review for BornFree!

Bornfree has had another super review. This time from A Little Bit Of Everything Product Review Blog a site where, as the title suggests, the aim is to review all sorts of family friendly items from baby bottles to slipper socks to toothpaste.

The reviewer talks about her surprise, fear and guilt at her previous ignorance of BPA and it’s dangers. I have enormous empathy with these feelings as I was completely unaware of BPA until I had my third child and I feel very guilty that I have unwittingly exposed my daughters to dangerous toxins like BPA and phtalates.

 However, BPA awareness is increasing day by day and it is comforting to know that we as parents, bloggers and reviewers can make a difference by being part of the BPA-Free revolution for future generations.

Here’s a quote from the review

BornFree bottles, training cups, teats and other products are all safe from chemical breakdown leakage. They do not contain typical plastic bottle chemicals in the first place – therefore there is nothing to leak.

You can read the full review here

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