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Product Highlight: The BornFree Microwave Steriliser

As parents, buying BPA-Free comes high up on the list of concerns when buying bottles for our babies, but what about when it comes to keeping them clean? We know that one of the dangers of BPA is that it leaches from plastics when it is heated so why not play it safe and use a BPA-Free steriliser too?

The BornFree™ Microwave Steriliser is made with Bisphenol-A free plastic and will sterilise up to 4 bottles, teats and other bottle parts in approximately 4 minutes.

With special grips which make opening and removing it from the microwave easier, the BornFree™ Microwave Steriliser combines the effectiveness of steam sterilisation with microwave convenience.

Available at £24.99 from our online shop

You can read a review of the steriliser here


Easter Competition

A new BornFree competition for Easter has just been launched on our Facebook Fanpage. 

The BornFree Easter Contest! To enter just post your all-time favorite photo of your child, the photo that makes you melt when you look at it. Upload and post it on our BabyBornFree UK  fanpage wall.

The prize is a BornFree BPA-Free Microwave Steriliser.

Share this post by clicking “share”,  under the competition post, and let me know you’ve done so in the photo’s caption. If the winner was also someone who shared we’ll throw in a bonus prize- a BornFree Twister Brush Set

If you want to join in but do not use Facebook, you could always post here on the blog-just leave a comment telling me what it is about your little one that makes you all gooey inside.
Last day for entry is Saturday 3rd April. Good luck!

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