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BPA in the Media Again!

As staunch supporters of the anti-BPA campaign we were very pleased to see coverage in the British media last Friday of a new report linking BPA to breast cancer.

The Daily Mail and the BBC both featured articles about Professor Anna Soto, an expert in cancer development ar the University of Ulster, who has recently carried out research on BPA .

She is warning that BPA can trigger toxins which lead to cancer after discovering that foetal and neonatal exposure to the chemical increases the likelihood of development of malignant tumours later in life.

Professor Soto said:

I would call for a banning of the use of BPA giving the growing evidence and increasing concerns that research has shown.

The foetal and neonatal life are crucial for a child’s development and parents should consider the advantage of using BPA-free products.

The chemical has been banned or its use limited in Canada, France and Denmark and many US states. We are hoping that the UK government will sit up and take notice of the experts and take similar action against the use of BPA.

You can read the BBC article here:

You can read the Daily Mail article here:


BornFree spotted at Celebrity Baby Shower!

Danielle Lloyd, of Celebrity Big Brother fame, is due to give birth to her baby boy in July. She helped to prepare for the event by holding a baby shower at the Soho Sky Terrace today.

It seems there were paparazzi at the event and photos from the celebrities arriving have appeared on Daily Mail online.

The photos include a nice glimpse of one of our BornFree bags! Have a look at it here:

 (The last photo shows the bag)

Notes from Motherhood:Births rarely go to plan!

You may have seen my recent post My Water Birth Story which I submitted to the Birth Story Carnival now live on the and1moremakes4 blog. If you love a good birth story then grab a box of tissues, hop on over there and take a look:

When I conceived my first baby I was blissfully unware of how unpredictable pregnancy and birth, and, let’s face it, babies, can be. It wasn’t until I’d done some research that I began to get a handle on how little ‘control’ you have over any of it and as a result I decided not to make a Birth Plan and just go with the flow. 

That said, reading some of the Birth Stories in the Blog Carnival has still proved to be an eye opener for me. I am amazed at the plethora of stories that have been included in the post, and I am still working my way through them! Home births, emergency sections, hypnobirthing, surprisingly quick labours, and painfully long labours are all there for us to share.

Today’s Daily Mail features an article TV stylist Nicky shunned the NHS for a private home birth – then things went terribly wrong..which illustrates just how unpredictable birth can be. You may remember I recently wrote a post Celebrities Love BornFree about Nicky Hambleton-Jones and I mentioned that she had endured a rumoured 5 day labour.

Well you can now read the full story of how her planned home birth turned into a five day labour followed by an emergency c-section under general anaesthetic. Nicky talks about how her traumatic experience effected her ability to breastfeed and how exhaustion delayed her bonding with her baby.

So many mothers go through a traumatic birth of one kind or another for so many different reasons and it takes a huge amount of love and support to get through those first days, weeks and more. For many of us, sharing our birth story is a not just a way of  remembering the precious arrival of our children but can offer a very therapeutic way of accepting the unexpected and calming troubled waters.

So next time a mother you know starts to bore you with her birth story again, just grin and bear it; after all that’s what she had to do!

Notes from Motherhood:Here come the Dads!

The Daily Mail has featured an article today which talks about how the Labour Party wants to put fatherhood at the heart of social policy.

In the run up to the general election competition between the parties is hotting up. In a new move, to counter the Tory’s plan to tackle family breakdown, Labour have announced that they will give new fathers more access to ante-natal classes as well as a New Dad’s guide.

The article features a quote from Schools Secretary, Ed Balls

‘We haven’t done enough in the past to support dads and their role in childbirth in the months and weeks beforehand, even though we know this is the most vulnerable time for a couple. All the evidence is if fathers are properly engaged and involved at that time, then they stay, they’re supportive to their children, they do all the things which then lead to better child outcomes.’

It’s great to know there is recognition from the government that the role of the father in childcare is so important, but the article ends with this rather cutting remark from the Conservative spokesman for family policy, David Willetts:

Labour have spent a decade focusing only on mother and baby and at this late stage they’re claiming at last to have discovered the importance of fathers and grandparents.

You can read the Daily Mail article here:

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