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An Interview With BornFree President Ron Vigdor!

BornFree President, Ron Vigdor, is featured in the Detroit Free Press in the USA! The article is entitled “5 Questions about BPA with Ron Vigdor.”

5 questions with Ron Vigdor, president of manufacturer BornFree

By Laurel Droz

Q: What is BPA?

A: It’s a polymer. In the early 1900s, it was actually used as an estrogen mimicker … and in the 1950s it was found that BPA could actually be used in plastic. The problem is that the estrogenic effects can be released (under normal conditions and especially when combined with acidic foods, heat or vacuum packing).

Q: Should parents be concerned?

A: There are several studies out there … some of which are probably more concerning than others. Some of the concerns that have been raised by different studies and linked to BPA as an endocrine disrupter, are linked to infant brain development, early puberty, obesity, diabetes, heart disease and different types of cancers.

Q: What types of items contain BPA?

A: The most commonly used product is polycarbonate plastic, but BPA is found even in dental seals or fillings. It’s found readily all over the place — baby bottles, water jugs such as those in office and homes, medical equipment, dental devices, CDs/DVDs, the lining of many food and canned containers, etc.

Q: Why is BPA used?

A: BPA, or at least polycarbonate plastic, is an inexpensive plastic to create. … It’s a very easy polymer to work with. There are advantages to polycarbonate plastic, but it really needs to be used when it won’t be ingested. I’m not saying all polycarbonate plastic is bad, it’s just bad when it’s ingested.

Q: Why was the decision made to be BPA-free at BornFree?

A: We decided to go that way because everybody else was making products out of polycarbonate plastic or products that weren’t as strong, or, in our opinion, as safe. It gives you more of a fulfillment to know that you really are doing good for others and to be able to give a safe alternative.

BornFree products can be purchased from our website and online and instore from Mothercare


Erin Brockovich Champions The Fight Against BPA!

Have a look at this piece in It seems environmental activist Erin Brockovich is speaking out against outdated chemical laws which still allow BPA and other harmful chemicals to be used in the production of cans and packaging in the USA.

It is well documented that the use of BPA has been restricted in many American states and in Canada due to a list of negative health risks and increased studies linking exposure from BPA to reproductive abnormalities, breast and prostate cancers, type II diabetes,  impaired immune function, obesity, and heart disease.

Brockovich has teamed up with other grassroots campaigners to take the Million Baby Crawl Campaign to key American cities and educate the public about The Kid Safe Chemical Act, a new toxic chemical bill being presented to Congress this month. She says

“This effort is about creating awareness and encouraging parents to be the watchdog for their children”

We are very proud to say that all BornFree™ products are 100% Free of BPA, Phthalates and PVC and are the safe and smart choice for you and your baby.

These days many companies  are removing these chemicals from children’s items. We never used them. Ever.

It is our hope that awareness in the UK will spread and the British public will put pressure on the government to outlaw the use of BPA in products meant for the use of children.

It is really great news that a well known champion of underdogs like Erin Brockovich has joined in the fight against BPA. Go Erin!

For more information on the Million Baby Crawl please visit the campaign website

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