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It’s competition time again!

A new BornFree Competition is up! To win a BPA-Free Drinking cup twin pack answer this question.
What was your favourite thing about being pregnant?
If you were never pregnant, then please share a special memory from your child’s adoption process.
Please leave your answer as a comment under this post or under the Facebook Fan page post.
For an extra entry, put a link to the BornFree fan page in your Facebook status!  Let me know with an additional comment and you will have increased your chances of being picked as the winner by!
Winner announced Friday 5th March. Good luck, everyone!

Another BornFree Facebook competition!

It’s Facebook competition time again!

Pink for girls and blue for boys…so they say.
Which colours would you like to see BornFree BPA-Free products come in?
Leave your answer as a comment under the fan page competition post for a chance to win a BornFree Drinking Cup twin pack.
To increase your chances of winning (via add a link to the page on your Facebook status and then leave an additional comment telling me you’ve done so.

The winner will be announced on Friday 26th Feb. Good Luck!

Read all about it…..

BornFree has received a great review from the Madhouse Family Review blog. The products reviewed were the BPA-Free Plastic Baby Bottle and the BPA-Free Drinking Cup and they were tested by a six month old baby and his big sister of 5. Cheryl the reviewer, and the children’s mum, gave  us a 5/5 star rating!

Here’s a little preview of what she had to say:

What I absolutely love is that they are totally leakproof, even if you shake them like a loony… That’s reassuring if you need to take them out with you and are worried about spillages in the car or changing bag.

… all the different parts of the whole drinking range are interchangeable. That’s fantastic news for getting baby progressively used to drinking in different ways, and also means that you can instantly replace damaged teats or spouts if necessary… This system also means you can replace individual elements rather than buying a whole new cup or bottle, so that works out cheaper as well as being kinder on the environment.

What a fantastic review, thanks so much to the Madhouse Family!
To read the whole review go here
To look at the products go here

BornFree:The Interchangeable system!

Did you know the entire BornFree bottles and cups line is interchangeable? It’s true! The Trainer Cup spouts, Drinking Cup spouts, and bottles spouts can all be used with each alternate bases, even the glass bottles. This helps to ease babies and toddlers easily from one stage to the next.

Let’s say your toddler is ready to move on to the Trainer Cups (for 6-12 months of age) from the 9oz bottles. You can give your little one a Trainer Cup Spout with a bottle base so they can experience a sense of familiarity.

Here are some photos to illustrate this. I hope you enjoy trying it out for yourselves!

Matthew McConaughey is a BornFree™ Dad! just published some great photos of actor Matthew McConaughey with son Levi holding a BornFree Cup!

We’re happy that so many visible parents are raising awareness of BPA-free products for babies & children.

Get Levi’s sipping style by going here:

Read the Babble article by going here: reviews BornFree™ products

Have a look at the positive reviews that have appeared on

The BornFree™ Drinking Cup scores four and a half out of five and the review states

“Easy to drink from and travel-friendly, the BornFree Drinking Cup is a great option for encouraging your older baby or toddler to leave the bottle behind”

The BornFree™ Microwaveable Steriliser is given four out of five and is called

“compact…and makes an unobtrusive addition to your kitchen”.


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Thanks MadeForMums!

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