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Interview with Ron Vigdor

Tot Snob is a US website devoted to all thing fabulous for tots. I’m blogging about them now because they have just published a great interview with Ron Vigdor, the President of BornFree, which answers some of the key questions about how BornFree came about.

Why did you start Born Free?

I saw a documentary in 2006 regarding the harm caused by BPA in plastics and it inspired me to develop products that would do good and be good.

This is not related to BPA but it’s the questions we all want to ask. Can you make a truly leak proof sippy cup?

Born Free has a free flowing venting system that is leak proof. It is designed to flow freely when it is turned on its side, as a part of our philosophy. Once the nuzzling starts, the baby should get liquid without having to suck too much, which can cause colic and inner ear infections. Other sippy cups that claim to be “leak free” have a stopper that requires the baby to suck too much, which can cause colic. And when the stopper is finally released, too much liquid goes to the back of the throat too quickly, which can cause inner ear infections. Our venting system has a ring that prevents leaking from the sides (through the threads) and another ring that has grooves to allow air to go in which prevents colic

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Mums Love BornFree™!

Take a look at this lovely message we got from our BornFree™ mum and competition winner Lisa Z from Cornwall.

I just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU to BornFree, I am so glad I found you.  My son is 20 Months old, I had heard a little about BPA-Free products, I did a lot of research, and at the time there was little information available. Luckily I came across the BornFree website, which gave me so much important information.  We made a decision that we WOULD NEVER use anything with BPA in for our son, we stocked up on your products and have used them ever since, and I love the Twister bottle brush cleaner, as it cleans properly without scratching the bottles.  They are also LEAK PROOF, and helped with his colic. Above all, they were SAFE.  May I suggest you develop a range of feeding bowls etc., as I am sure they would be brilliant too.

All the very best to you all at BornFree.

Thank you so much! We love hearing feedback from parents and I will certainly pass on your excellent suggestion to the development team.

You can look at the Twister Bottle and Teat Brush on our website

BornFree™ The Safe & Smart Leak Proof Bottle!

At BornFree we are very proud of the fact that we have never-that’s right, NEVER! used harmful toxins like BPA in our Baby Bottles.

Not only that, but we have also developed a unique Inner Valve and Air Vent system which helps eliminate the painful symptoms of colic. This innovative system is also medically acknowledged to reduce the risk of middle-ear infections, common in young babies.

Well, ‘not bad’ you might say. But here at BornFree we have gone one better. We are very proud to announce that, unlike some other leading brands, our BPA-Free, colic eliminating bottles are also TOTALLY LEAK PROOF!

Yes, it’s true! The unique inner valve prevents side-leaks, and unlike other vented bottles, allows you to shake freely when mixing.

So, if you’re not already a BornFree fan, maybe you should give our Baby Bottles a go and find out for yourself why we are proud to say we are

BornFree™ The Safe & Smart Bottle!


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