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It’s the weekend! Time for another competition.

It’s time for the Weekend Facebook Competition.

We all know that parenthood can be full of surprises.

Tell us your most embarassing parenting moment for a chance to win a twin pack of BornFree BPA-Free Baby Bottles.

Leave your answer as a comment under the competition post on our Facebook Fan page BabyBornFree UK for a chance to win a BornFree Drinking Cup twin pack.

To increase your chances of winning (via add a link to the fan page to your Facebook status and then leave an additional comment  telling me you’ve done so.

The winner will be announced on Monday 1st March. Good Luck!


Another great review for BornFree!

Bornfree has had another super review. This time from A Little Bit Of Everything Product Review Blog a site where, as the title suggests, the aim is to review all sorts of family friendly items from baby bottles to slipper socks to toothpaste.

The reviewer talks about her surprise, fear and guilt at her previous ignorance of BPA and it’s dangers. I have enormous empathy with these feelings as I was completely unaware of BPA until I had my third child and I feel very guilty that I have unwittingly exposed my daughters to dangerous toxins like BPA and phtalates.

 However, BPA awareness is increasing day by day and it is comforting to know that we as parents, bloggers and reviewers can make a difference by being part of the BPA-Free revolution for future generations.

Here’s a quote from the review

BornFree bottles, training cups, teats and other products are all safe from chemical breakdown leakage. They do not contain typical plastic bottle chemicals in the first place – therefore there is nothing to leak.

You can read the full review here

Read All About It! BornFree™ in Parenteen

Parenteen is a magazine by young parents for young parents that celebrates their parenthood whilst creating a peer-support frame-work and communication.

The November issue included coverage of BornFree™ with some very positive comments.

Thanks Parenteen!

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