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Dads love BornFree™!

Check out this Dad who created a great YouTube video about BornFree™ and why he chose us for his child in response to another user’s quest for the perfect baby bottle.

Thank you!

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Bizziebaby features BornFree Bottles!

Have a look at the coverage that has appeared Bizziebaby, a website designed for all you mums and dads out there looking for the best, in-depth product reviews online.

The website features product reviews of the BornFree Plastic Bottles, written by parents who are members of the site. Both the testers gave the product a score of 4.5 out of 5 and comments include;

“There  was no leakage at the top of the bottle because everything fits together well…I would not hesitate in buying these bottles again.”

The second of the testers also mentions how good the BornFree website is:

“BornFree’s website impressed me as it is very easy to navigate around, and provides all the information you could possibly want.”

Thanks to Bizziebaby and the mums for taking the time to review our BPA-Free Baby Bottles.


Mindful Mum advocates BornFree™ is a website that provides information on non toxic, Bisphenol-A or BPA and PVC free baby feeding products in the UK and recently featured a review of BornFree™ Plastic and Glass Baby Bottles.

“All BornFree products are 100% BPA-Free. They are also free from Phtalates and PVC, all of which is very clearly labelled on the packaging. My four week old baby son took to the bottles very well.”

The bottles received an Overall Rating of 4 stars, out of a possible five, and best of all the bottles received an outstanding five stars for quality.

Thanks Mindful Mum we appreciate your support.

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