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BornFree™ wins Silver Award!

We were very excited to attend the Mother & Baby Awards last week and we proudly Tweeted about BornFree™ winning Silver in the Best Product For Bottle Feeding category.

Well now we have a badge to show off about too, so here it is!

Thanks Mother & Baby!


Matthew McConaughey is a BornFree™ Dad! just published some great photos of actor Matthew McConaughey with son Levi holding a BornFree Cup!

We’re happy that so many visible parents are raising awareness of BPA-free products for babies & children.

Get Levi’s sipping style by going here:

Read the Babble article by going here:

Erin Brockovich Champions The Fight Against BPA!

Have a look at this piece in It seems environmental activist Erin Brockovich is speaking out against outdated chemical laws which still allow BPA and other harmful chemicals to be used in the production of cans and packaging in the USA.

It is well documented that the use of BPA has been restricted in many American states and in Canada due to a list of negative health risks and increased studies linking exposure from BPA to reproductive abnormalities, breast and prostate cancers, type II diabetes,  impaired immune function, obesity, and heart disease.

Brockovich has teamed up with other grassroots campaigners to take the Million Baby Crawl Campaign to key American cities and educate the public about The Kid Safe Chemical Act, a new toxic chemical bill being presented to Congress this month. She says

“This effort is about creating awareness and encouraging parents to be the watchdog for their children”

We are very proud to say that all BornFree™ products are 100% Free of BPA, Phthalates and PVC and are the safe and smart choice for you and your baby.

These days many companies  are removing these chemicals from children’s items. We never used them. Ever.

It is our hope that awareness in the UK will spread and the British public will put pressure on the government to outlaw the use of BPA in products meant for the use of children.

It is really great news that a well known champion of underdogs like Erin Brockovich has joined in the fight against BPA. Go Erin!

For more information on the Million Baby Crawl please visit the campaign website

Notes from Motherhood: The Internet is a Girl’s BFF

Notes from Motherhood is written by Anne, Mummy to Francesca, Molly and Benjamin. Anne is the BornFree Social Networking coordinator for the UK.

When we moved from the Big City to the Smaller One By The Sea 2 years ago I had no qualms at all. It was so comforting to know that we were doing the right thing for our 2 girls and moving them somewhere healthier and safer. However, one thing I did miss was my mummy network. I was used to taking the girls out everyday to playgroups, on play-dates, to the local park etc and we had a familiar routine which made us all happy. Moving to the new place had meant sacrificing all that to start again.

Soon after moving I discovered I was pregnant again and because I suffer from Hyperemesis (a debilitating disease which causes severe and constant sickness during pregnancy) I knew that I had to act fast to establish a support network before the illness took hold.  So I did some research and found a few local groups where I could take the girls.

I love taking my kids to baby and toddler groups. They provide an excellent venue for your children to let loose with other preschoolers and learn important social skills. For me, they can be a place to recharge my batteries when my energy levels and patience are running low or a vent to radiate positive vibes when things are going well. A new mum can compare notes with other first time mums, mums pregnant with number 2 can seek advice and reassurance from mothers with 2 or more on how to cope with a newborn and other kids. I’ve noticed that although dads are very much in the minority at these groups they are always given a warm welcome and in fact can easily find themselves the centre of attention. Until the biscuits are handed out, of course.

After my son was born and my husband went back to work, and my parents had travelled the 1000 mile journey back to their home, reality slapped me hard in the face. How was I going to cope with an 8 week old baby as well as an 18 month old and a 3 year old?. I was scared, I needed friends, I needed support. I was ON MY OWN.

Lucky for me I have my laptop and I soon discovered the world of mum’s networking sites. They were created for people just like me, who maybe can’t get out and about as much as they’d like, but who still need the support of a social network. So I got to work fast; I went to the forums, the review sites, the meet-a–mum pages. And then I stopped panicking…

Here’s a quote from Linda Lowan who writes for

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but the Internet is a BFF (best friend forever) to women navigating motherhood for the first time.

Unlike previous generations – who were often isolated and alone during the first weeks and months of life with a new baby – women today with access to a computer can take advantage of limitless opportunities to connect. You can make new friends, find local playgroups, and get support and advice from the many online communities and social networks designed specifically for mothers.

…I wasn’t alone anymore. I can honestly say that thanks to these websites I have maintained my sanity and I have found some wonderful friends with kids who I meet on a regular basis.

Below is a list, by no means comprehensive and in no particular order, of some of the sites that connect mums around the block and around the world.

Notes from Motherhood:Crunchy is as Crunchy does

This Notes from Motherhood is written by Tali & Maya’s Mom, Bunmi. Bunmi is the BornFree Social Networking coordinator for North America.

I wouldn’t call myself a crunchy mom but it really depends who you’re comparing me too. I go back and forth between cloth diapers and disposables, depending on which is more convenient. When I do buy disposable diapers I buy the kind that apparently only takes 10 yeas to biodegrade rather than 500. Who knows though!

I try to feed my 3 year-old healthy foods (not counting the occasional 3 AM chocolate milk) but am not 100% against the occasional fast food emergency snack. Most of the time I use all natural cleaning products but every now and then I’ll bring out the big guns to combat a particularly stubborn stain.

Crunchy? Some days. I’m aware of health and environmental issues and then make decisions I can live with. When I first started hearing about BPA concerns I took them pretty seriously as I had a very young child. It barely took any extra effort to make sure the eating and drinking items in my home were labeled BPA-free so I did.

Perhaps I’m what the New Crunchy Mom looks like. We don’t wear hemp, eat flaxseed everyday or live a completely organic lifestyle. We do what we can, make the best decisions for our families we can, and are okay with that. :)

Dads love BornFree™!

Check out this Dad who created a great YouTube video about BornFree™ and why he chose us for his child in response to another user’s quest for the perfect baby bottle.

Thank you!

Please send in your own BornFree videos to and we’ll post them on the blog!

Notes from Motherhood:Molly the Brave

Notes from Motherhood is written by Anne, Mummy to Francesca, Molly and Benjamin. Anne is the BornFree Social Networking coordinator for the UK.

A few weeks ago, I was so inspired by the way my 3 year old handled a difficult situation. Molly has a lazy eye and poor vision. She’s also quite a fiery and dramatic little character. After her very first eye appointment, having heard the doctor talk about possible options, she clearly stated that she would not be wearing any eye patch! My husband and I decided not to push it, as due to past experience we’ve learned; Never Push It.

My daughter proved to me at her second appointment that she is capable of being a stoic and doing something that she really doesn’t want to.  She really didn’t want to be duped into having painful drops that made her vision blurry by a doctor who had hitherto seemed quite fun, nor have a sticky patch stuck over her one good eye, nor have lights shone in her eye by another, frankly not very exciting, doctor, nor try on lots of pairs of glasses that she didn’t want anyway, nor then did she want to have to wear the glasses and eye-patch for the foreseeable future.

However, all this is what she was willing to do because the eye-doctors, and Mummy and Daddy told her the truth and said it was the right thing. And she believed us. And she did it all with no fuss. No fuss at all. Awesome. And, she even managed to have fun and play with her brother and sister. And then go swimming. It was only when the hunger and tiredness took hold that she lost it a little bit, but after some pesto pasta (a gamble, as she normally turns her nose up but I thought I’d sneak it in as she seemed to be on a roll) she was her jolly little self again. And yes, she ate the pesto pasta.

I’m not denying that the chocolate and new stripy cat, acquired between the hospital and the opticians, didn’t play a part. And, no doubt, the lunch (pizza, of course) and the sundry toys purchased at favourite toyshops helped while we were waiting for the glasses to be ready.

It’s not really bribery, more a reward for positive behaviour, and she deserved it!

Thank you Molly the Brave.


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