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BornFree featured in April’s Practical Parenting!

As a mum I love reading parenting magazines, they offer so much to a new (and not so new) mum. From how to conceive, all the way to dealing with toddler tantrums and beyond, the expertise is offered with warmth and friendliness.

From health tips to accessorising your bump, parenting magazines can offer that extra bit of support and reassurance almost like a friend or family member, and for me  it’s so exciting to see my favourite BPA-Free baby bottle company, BornFree, appearing in one of them.

The April issue of  Practical Parenting has a great feature called’ ‘Star Mums’  and this month’s theme is ‘Shop Like the Stars’. There is a fabulous picture of the style icon Gwen Stefani and her beautiful baby boy Zuma sporting a BornFree BPA-Free baby bottle.

How cool is that! Not only are we the first baby bottle company to never ever use BPA in our products but we are the bottle of choice for the beautiful people too. Swoon!

To get Zuma’s style go to our website


BornFree Bottles are Practical Parenting’s ‘Best Buy’

The March issue of Practical Parenting features a guide to BPA-Free bottles that have been tested and reviewed by mums.

The BornFree BPA-Free vented plastic Bottle was tested by Hannah, mum to Sam, 9 months, and this is some of what she had to say:

This is an anti-colic bottle, with a venting system designed to help reduce colic and ear infections. While Sam doesn’t have colic, he wasn’t as windy after his feed.

We are also very pleased to tell you that, out of the six bottles tested, our bottles were judged to be the Practical Parenting Best Buy.

Practical Parenting features BPA-Free Guide!

If you are looking for advice on how to make the right decision when choosing a safe baby bottle, have a look at the February issue of Practical Parenting for a ‘BPA-free guide’ that was generated from our BornFree Breakfast Briefing with Dr Alan Greene at the Royal Society of Medicine.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

Speaking at a recent conference in London about the efefcts of PBA, Alan Greene MD, Clinical professor at the Stanford University School of Medecine, said

“Exposure occurs when the BPA in plastics leeches out into whatever the plastic comes into contact with. These levels have been found to increase when the plastic is heated. Hence the worry over non-BPA-Free baby bottles containing hot milk and being regularly sterilised at high temperatures.”

For the full article, you can download this PDF BFPracticalParenting010210MSC – AlanGreeneBornFree

A big thank you to Practical Parenting for bringing this information to their readers.

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