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Bornfree Mama-Razzi Sighting: Meet Molly!

Here’s my 3 year old BornFree girl Molly enjoying some bedtime milk from her favourite drinking cup.

It actually belongs to her 20 month old brother Ben but she can’t resist the easy to hold bottle and the comfortable free flow spout. And of course her Daddy and I are very happy for her to use a bottle that keeps her safe from the harmful toxins BPA, phtalates and PVC.

Drinking Cup by BornFree, Milky Chin model's own

To get Molly’s look (minus the dribble) go to


“Ban the BPA Bottle” say Breast Cancer UK

Breast Cancer UK today launched their No More BPA campaign calling on the Government to take action to end the use of the controversial chemical BPA in baby bottles.

This call is backed by NCT (formerly National Childbirth Trust), UNISON, The Women’s Environmental Network, the Cancer Prevention and Education Society and CHEM Trust.

The results of the survey conducted by the charity show that the public support the move, with 61 per cent of the public saying that the UK Government should “act to end the use of BPA in baby bottles.” Baby bottles containing BPA are already voluntarily withdrawn from shelves in Canada and the USA, but are still available in the UK.

BornFreeTM is the world’s leading brand for baby bottles and feeding devices free from Bisphenol-A (BPA), Phthalates and PVC, which are now available across the UK. BornFreeTM products offer a completely safe option for parents wishing to avoid the risk of interference with the developmental processes of children, which evidence suggests is caused by leaching of chemicals such as BPA from plastics. Babies and growing children are particularly at risk from exposure because they are still undergoing many hormone-controlled developmental processes.

BornFreeTM baby feeding products have always been and always will be free from harmful chemicals.

Help protect your child from complications caused by chemicals in plastics and visit for more information.

Erin Brockovich Champions The Fight Against BPA!

Have a look at this piece in It seems environmental activist Erin Brockovich is speaking out against outdated chemical laws which still allow BPA and other harmful chemicals to be used in the production of cans and packaging in the USA.

It is well documented that the use of BPA has been restricted in many American states and in Canada due to a list of negative health risks and increased studies linking exposure from BPA to reproductive abnormalities, breast and prostate cancers, type II diabetes,  impaired immune function, obesity, and heart disease.

Brockovich has teamed up with other grassroots campaigners to take the Million Baby Crawl Campaign to key American cities and educate the public about The Kid Safe Chemical Act, a new toxic chemical bill being presented to Congress this month. She says

“This effort is about creating awareness and encouraging parents to be the watchdog for their children”

We are very proud to say that all BornFree™ products are 100% Free of BPA, Phthalates and PVC and are the safe and smart choice for you and your baby.

These days many companies  are removing these chemicals from children’s items. We never used them. Ever.

It is our hope that awareness in the UK will spread and the British public will put pressure on the government to outlaw the use of BPA in products meant for the use of children.

It is really great news that a well known champion of underdogs like Erin Brockovich has joined in the fight against BPA. Go Erin!

For more information on the Million Baby Crawl please visit the campaign website

BornFree™ is a Martha Stewart Must-Have!


The lifestyle guru Martha Stewart has featured  the  BornFree™ Baby Bottle on her website

On her Baby Must-Haves page she talks about how important it is to protect little ones from harmful toxins and how the BornFree™ Baby Bottle is totally free of BPA, pthalates and PVCs. We couldn’t agree more! She goes on to say:

“Producer Suzanne Bass makes sure her little one gets nothing but nourishment during mealtime with a BornFree Bottle.”

Thanks Martha, we appreciate your support!


Mindful Mum advocates BornFree™ is a website that provides information on non toxic, Bisphenol-A or BPA and PVC free baby feeding products in the UK and recently featured a review of BornFree™ Plastic and Glass Baby Bottles.

“All BornFree products are 100% BPA-Free. They are also free from Phtalates and PVC, all of which is very clearly labelled on the packaging. My four week old baby son took to the bottles very well.”

The bottles received an Overall Rating of 4 stars, out of a possible five, and best of all the bottles received an outstanding five stars for quality.

Thanks Mindful Mum we appreciate your support.

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