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BornFree boss Ron Vigdor interviewed by Portfolio

Exciting news!

Condé Nast Portfolio is currently featuring a profile Q&A on BornFree president, Ron Vigdor. The piece focuses on why Ron and his business partners decided to found BornFree. Ron was also able to talk about the future of BornFree, and how the company plans on expanding to adult BPA-free products.

You can read the article here:


Ron Vigdor Interviewed by Lil Sugar

BornFree President Ron Vigor and BornFree are currently being featured on Lil Sugar, the popular US parenting website. In the article The Dad Behind the Bottle: Ron Vigdor of BornFree Interview Ron does an amazing job of explaining why he was motivated to start the company and what is in store for the future as BornFree becomes a lifestyle brand.


You can read the article here:

BornFree’s Ron Vigdor in The New York Times!

Good news, The New York Times  is currently featuring  BornFree’s president Ron Vigdor in their “You’re the Boss” column. The article is about two entrepreneurial brothers who have invented an all in one razor, the Shave Mate and it highlights their struggle to get a foothold in a market dominated by giants like Gillette.  Ron Vigdor is one of several small business owners who have been asked to give their analyses and share their similar experiences. Ron says:

I’ve learned that to launch a successful brand you need to create an innovative product that fills a niche and be first to market with your concept…..I had a similar experience when founding BornFree. Instead of trying to compete with the established brands, BornFree focused on what made our brand unique. We were the first brand to offer baby products free of Bisphenol A. We first launched in Whole Foods, where there was a higher consumer demand for products free of toxins and chemicals,

We are very proud of the fact that we have never used harmful toxins like BPA in products and have pioneered the BPA-Free baby bottle market and it’s amazing to see our founder talking about it in publications like the New York Times. Congratulations Ron!

You can read the full article here:

BornFree President Ron Vigdor on

Great news! BornFree’s president, Ron Vigdor, was recently featured on  in a live segment, lasting about 5 minutes.   

The segment discussed BornFree’s start up story and how BornFree single handedly created the BPA-free baby feeding category. There is also some key information from Ron about what BPA is and the related health concerns.  

The video is really informative and Ron is a very personable and interesting speaker so if you’d like to take a look, follow this link

Interview with Ron Vigdor

Tot Snob is a US website devoted to all thing fabulous for tots. I’m blogging about them now because they have just published a great interview with Ron Vigdor, the President of BornFree, which answers some of the key questions about how BornFree came about.

Why did you start Born Free?

I saw a documentary in 2006 regarding the harm caused by BPA in plastics and it inspired me to develop products that would do good and be good.

This is not related to BPA but it’s the questions we all want to ask. Can you make a truly leak proof sippy cup?

Born Free has a free flowing venting system that is leak proof. It is designed to flow freely when it is turned on its side, as a part of our philosophy. Once the nuzzling starts, the baby should get liquid without having to suck too much, which can cause colic and inner ear infections. Other sippy cups that claim to be “leak free” have a stopper that requires the baby to suck too much, which can cause colic. And when the stopper is finally released, too much liquid goes to the back of the throat too quickly, which can cause inner ear infections. Our venting system has a ring that prevents leaking from the sides (through the threads) and another ring that has grooves to allow air to go in which prevents colic

To read the whole article go here

BornFree in the News Again!

Here’s a recent post from Bunmi who writes the BornFree North America blog.

We’re proud to announce that BornFree President Ron Vigdor is being featured in the January issue of the Boca Raton Observer. The article gives readers an introduction to the BornFree line. It also mentions some of our celebrity mom fans including Jennifer Garner, Nicole Richie and Heidi Klum.

The Boca Raton Observer is a lifestyle publication for residents of Boca Raton, Florida. The publication includes news and information on local arts, culture, real estate, dining, historical perspectives, social events, fashion and design.

An Interview With BornFree President Ron Vigdor!

BornFree President, Ron Vigdor, is featured in the Detroit Free Press in the USA! The article is entitled “5 Questions about BPA with Ron Vigdor.”

5 questions with Ron Vigdor, president of manufacturer BornFree

By Laurel Droz

Q: What is BPA?

A: It’s a polymer. In the early 1900s, it was actually used as an estrogen mimicker … and in the 1950s it was found that BPA could actually be used in plastic. The problem is that the estrogenic effects can be released (under normal conditions and especially when combined with acidic foods, heat or vacuum packing).

Q: Should parents be concerned?

A: There are several studies out there … some of which are probably more concerning than others. Some of the concerns that have been raised by different studies and linked to BPA as an endocrine disrupter, are linked to infant brain development, early puberty, obesity, diabetes, heart disease and different types of cancers.

Q: What types of items contain BPA?

A: The most commonly used product is polycarbonate plastic, but BPA is found even in dental seals or fillings. It’s found readily all over the place — baby bottles, water jugs such as those in office and homes, medical equipment, dental devices, CDs/DVDs, the lining of many food and canned containers, etc.

Q: Why is BPA used?

A: BPA, or at least polycarbonate plastic, is an inexpensive plastic to create. … It’s a very easy polymer to work with. There are advantages to polycarbonate plastic, but it really needs to be used when it won’t be ingested. I’m not saying all polycarbonate plastic is bad, it’s just bad when it’s ingested.

Q: Why was the decision made to be BPA-free at BornFree?

A: We decided to go that way because everybody else was making products out of polycarbonate plastic or products that weren’t as strong, or, in our opinion, as safe. It gives you more of a fulfillment to know that you really are doing good for others and to be able to give a safe alternative.

BornFree products can be purchased from our website and online and instore from Mothercare

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