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BornFree in You Magazine!

This week’s Mail on Sunday You magazine featured a very informative article on BPA which includes information that was generated from our BornFree Breakfast Briefing with Dr Alan Greene at the Royal Society of Medicine.

Within the article there is a helpful section on how to avoid BPA , and we are very pleased to say that BornFree is cited as a recommended brand of BPA-Free baby bottles

  • Look for baby bottles and other containers with the plastics recycling label numbers 1, 2 and 4; avoid 7, which very often contains BPA (plastics are recycled according to type). Or choose a guaranteed BPA-free brand such as Born Free, available from Boots, Mothercare and

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    Practical Parenting features BPA-Free Guide!

    If you are looking for advice on how to make the right decision when choosing a safe baby bottle, have a look at the February issue of Practical Parenting for a ‘BPA-free guide’ that was generated from our BornFree Breakfast Briefing with Dr Alan Greene at the Royal Society of Medicine.

    Here’s an excerpt from the article:

    Speaking at a recent conference in London about the efefcts of PBA, Alan Greene MD, Clinical professor at the Stanford University School of Medecine, said

    “Exposure occurs when the BPA in plastics leeches out into whatever the plastic comes into contact with. These levels have been found to increase when the plastic is heated. Hence the worry over non-BPA-Free baby bottles containing hot milk and being regularly sterilised at high temperatures.”

    For the full article, you can download this PDF BFPracticalParenting010210MSC – AlanGreeneBornFree

    A big thank you to Practical Parenting for bringing this information to their readers.

    Dr Alan Greene talks about BPA to The Fashionable Bambino!

    BornFree™ and Dr. Greene are currently featured on The Fashionable Bambino in an article titled, “My Chat with Dr. Alan Greene About BPA.” The article discuses BPA concerns for parents, recommendations for BornFree™ products and provides a link to the BornFree™ website.

    Read the article at and find out more about Dr Alan Greene at

    *Update! Theresa just posted a great BornFree review on the blog!

    BornFree Holding Briefing On BPA This Morning!

    The BPA debate is hotting up! Yesterday I blogged about the  campaign that was launched by  Breast Cancer UK calling on the Government to take action to end the use of the controversial chemical BPA in baby bottles. This call is backed by NCT, UNISON, The Women’s Environmental Network, The Cancer Prevention and Education Society and CHEM Trust.

    BornFree has always opposed the use of BPA and other harmful chemicals in baby feeding products and has never ever used them, ever.

    Today BornFree is hosting a breakfast media briefing at the Royal Society of Medicine, London.

    The conference will cover:

    • The effect of endocrine disruptors which have been used in plastics for many years on babies and small children
    • Current Environment Protection Agency orders for testing on endocrine disruptors, and the effect of these chemicals on human development
    • Consumer reports on testing for BPA levels in canned food
    • Recent research results linking BPA levels to erectile dysfunction and decreased fertility in men

    Speaking at the conference will be U.S. scientist Dr. Alan Greene and Ron Vigdor, President of BornFree USA .

    We are so excited by the increased media and public awareness that is happening in the UK at the moment and we support all campaigns to ban the use of these harmful chemicals in products intended for use by children.

    Watch this space!

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