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BornFree featured in April’s Practical Parenting!

As a mum I love reading parenting magazines, they offer so much to a new (and not so new) mum. From how to conceive, all the way to dealing with toddler tantrums and beyond, the expertise is offered with warmth and friendliness.

From health tips to accessorising your bump, parenting magazines can offer that extra bit of support and reassurance almost like a friend or family member, and for me  it’s so exciting to see my favourite BPA-Free baby bottle company, BornFree, appearing in one of them.

The April issue of  Practical Parenting has a great feature called’ ‘Star Mums’  and this month’s theme is ‘Shop Like the Stars’. There is a fabulous picture of the style icon Gwen Stefani and her beautiful baby boy Zuma sporting a BornFree BPA-Free baby bottle.

How cool is that! Not only are we the first baby bottle company to never ever use BPA in our products but we are the bottle of choice for the beautiful people too. Swoon!

To get Zuma’s style go to our website


BornFree in You Magazine!

This week’s Mail on Sunday You magazine featured a very informative article on BPA which includes information that was generated from our BornFree Breakfast Briefing with Dr Alan Greene at the Royal Society of Medicine.

Within the article there is a helpful section on how to avoid BPA , and we are very pleased to say that BornFree is cited as a recommended brand of BPA-Free baby bottles

  • Look for baby bottles and other containers with the plastics recycling label numbers 1, 2 and 4; avoid 7, which very often contains BPA (plastics are recycled according to type). Or choose a guaranteed BPA-free brand such as Born Free, available from Boots, Mothercare and

  • Read more here:
    Go to our website here:
  • No More BPA: a call to action!

    Back in December you may remember that Breast Cancer UK launched their No More BPA Campaign  to raise awareness about the dangers of BPA. As part of this campaign, Breast Cancer UK has prepared the No More BPA report, for the use of Government, the media and the public. You can download the report from here These are the recommendations which end the report:

    The UK Government should end the use of BPA in baby bottles as a matter of priority by introducing regulations, similar to those already introduced in Canada and expected to be brought about in the US, in order to decrease the exposure to BPA of newborns and very young babies.

    There is also a compelling argument for adequate labelling of all food contact items, including those aimed at adults. Scientific studies, particularly those that have demonstrated that BPA exposure to pregnant women can impact on health outcomes in children, warrant serious attention.

    The UK Government should introduce measures to ensure that clear labelling is used on all food contact products that contain BPA to allow consumers to make informed choices about their own level of exposure to BPA, and provide advice, in particular to pregnant women and breast cancer patients, on how to reduce their BPA intake levels.

    So, what can we as individuals and parents do?

    Most importantly we can choose BPA-Free products for our children whenever possible.

    Next we can spread awareness by informing and making recommendations to our family and friends, try using this website as a resource  

    Finally, we can put pressure on our government to sit up and take notice. Breast Cancer UK has made this easy for us to do by including a Take Action page on their No More BPA website. If you fill in the form with your details it will automatically generate a letter to your local MP, asking them to sign the EDM 293 against the use of BPA in Baby Bottles. Simple as that!

    So, come on parents! Let’s take action and make sure our government bans the use of BPA in our babies’ products!

    It’s competition time again!

    A new BornFree Competition is up! To win a BPA-Free Drinking cup twin pack answer this question.
    What was your favourite thing about being pregnant?
    If you were never pregnant, then please share a special memory from your child’s adoption process.
    Please leave your answer as a comment under this post or under the Facebook Fan page post.
    For an extra entry, put a link to the BornFree fan page in your Facebook status!  Let me know with an additional comment and you will have increased your chances of being picked as the winner by!
    Winner announced Friday 5th March. Good luck, everyone!

    Fantastic Feedback from the Mother & Baby Testers

    You may remember that we were very proud last November to receive a Silver Award in the Best Product For Bottle Feeding category.

    We have now received some of the Tester’s Feedback for the products that BornFree entered and it’s so fabulous that we want to share.

    Category Entered – Best Product for Bottle Feeding

    Name of Product – Bornfree BPA Free Plastic Bottle

     My son really liked these bottles, he’s usually a very messy drinker and ends up with a ‘milk beard’ but with these he didn’t dribble any milk out.  I found them really easy to make my sons formula up in, also to clean and sterilise.

    I am overwhelmed how much I like it, even my partner said he looks forward to using it. My daughter can sometimes be a slow feeder and the comfort and the light weight of the bottle make it more enjoyable. My daughter has been less windy and does attach to the teats better than most bottle. Will definitley buy these when I have another child… I think its a pity they are not better known

    I am really impressed with these bottles, the value for money is brill. we realised after using these bottles for a few days that Isabelle wasnt sick as much as she normally is when using her normal bottles, which for any parent is brilliant, as it reduces washing!

    Of the bottles I have used so far this is the one I would recommend to new mums or mums starting bottle feeding. 

    Great for windy babies.

     We didn’t win anything in the next category but the feedback is so good that we’re posting it anyway.

    Category Entered – Best Product for Weaning

    Name of Product – BPA Free 220ml Trainer Cup

    An excellent cup that made the transition from breast feeding to a cup very easy, lovely bright colours, my daughter loves it.

    We LOVED this product… It’s a great size, and as it’s more ‘bottle’ shaped, provided a perfect transistion from bottle to ‘cup’. Eleanor is able to feed herself so easily with it without struggling to get anything out, or vice versa without absolutely soaking  herself!! Great product – would certainly recommend this one!

    I am impressed with the low vacuum valve in the cup, I feel this is allowing Olivia more control whilst drinking. Coordinating holding a bottle, tipping it up, drinking and controlling how much is actually drunk is not easy for a baby so I have found that this has been a huge help allowing Olivia to control how much she drinks herself. Even when she has controlled it herself I have not noticed any leakages from the cup  All in all I was very impressed with this cup, we used it whilst travelling and felt very comfortable letting Olivia hold this by herself.

    In general, a very good product… we have hardly any spills from dribbling! The bottle brush is fantastic, it is a unique design I’ve not seen before and works very well!

    Thanks so much to all those lovely testers out there for your amazing feedback, we love hearing what you think of BornFree BPA-Free baby products.

    You can find our products at our online shop

    and online and instore at Mothercare and Boots

    Another BornFree Facebook competition!

    It’s Facebook competition time again!

    Pink for girls and blue for boys…so they say.
    Which colours would you like to see BornFree BPA-Free products come in?
    Leave your answer as a comment under the fan page competition post for a chance to win a BornFree Drinking Cup twin pack.
    To increase your chances of winning (via add a link to the page on your Facebook status and then leave an additional comment telling me you’ve done so.

    The winner will be announced on Friday 26th Feb. Good Luck!

    Read all about it…..

    BornFree has received a great review from the Madhouse Family Review blog. The products reviewed were the BPA-Free Plastic Baby Bottle and the BPA-Free Drinking Cup and they were tested by a six month old baby and his big sister of 5. Cheryl the reviewer, and the children’s mum, gave  us a 5/5 star rating!

    Here’s a little preview of what she had to say:

    What I absolutely love is that they are totally leakproof, even if you shake them like a loony… That’s reassuring if you need to take them out with you and are worried about spillages in the car or changing bag.

    … all the different parts of the whole drinking range are interchangeable. That’s fantastic news for getting baby progressively used to drinking in different ways, and also means that you can instantly replace damaged teats or spouts if necessary… This system also means you can replace individual elements rather than buying a whole new cup or bottle, so that works out cheaper as well as being kinder on the environment.

    What a fantastic review, thanks so much to the Madhouse Family!
    To read the whole review go here
    To look at the products go here

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