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GreenKiddie recommends BornFree to help beat colic

Anyone who has had a colicky baby will know distressing it is, not just for the baby but for all the family. We’re pleased to share with you that our favourite green parenting website, GreenKiddie has posted a really helpful article called Natural Guide to Colic-Free Babies .

The post identifies the symptoms, offers tips for relieving the colic naturally and gives advice on how to cope with the stress of living with a crying baby.

We are very happy to have been given this fantastic mention:

My recommendation is BornFree bottles – they really were the only choice for my baby, now 2y.o. You know why? Because BornFree bottles are:

1. BPA-free, so no nasty chemicals
2. Anti-leakage – when I value every drop of my breastmilk it’s a very important reason!
3. They are anti-colic due to their Inner Valve and Air Vent system, which helps eliminate colic by reducing vacuum build up.

Thanks GreenKiddie!

You can read the full article here:


The GreenKiddie reviews are here!

Last month we teamed up with our favourite green parenting website GreenKiddie  to find testers for our BPA-Free, leak proof, anti-colic bottles! Five mummy bloggers who bottle-feed their babies (either expressing their breastmilk or using formula) were selected and they have now all posted up the reviews on their blogs.

We have been overwhelmed by the positive comments and recommendations and can’t wait to share them all with you. Here’s a snippet from each mum to whet your appetite and you can click on the links beneath to read the whole review :

I also love the sealing disc as I can bring the bottle in my bag with no chance of spills from it as always happened with the old ones!

Success. She took no exception to the teat and had no sign of gas afterwards, I was chuffed and she was full! Happy days!

she can hold them easily due to their shape and they seem to provide the sort of flow that she needs at her age. She actually points to them over her old bottles.

 She hardly wastes any milk with these (normally her muslin is sodden, but not when I use these bottles).

My little one had no issues at all switching to the BornFree bottles and really seemed to ‘enjoy’ them.

Thanks to all our testers, and congratulations on your fabulous blogs!

The BornFree testers have been announced at GreenKiddie

We are very happy to hear that 5 mums have been chosen from everyone who applied to be testers for BornFree with GreenKiddie. Congratulations ladies, we can’t wait to hear what you and your babies think of our bottles!

Be a BornFree tester with GreenKiddie!

We love receiving feedback from our customers and we’re always looking for new ways to hear what you have to say. So we have teamed up with GreenKiddie who are providing an opportunity for parents to become testers of  BornFree BPA-Free baby bottles.

GreenKiddie is a wonderful website which provides tips for parents who would like to care for their children in a green and natural way and we are very pleased to be working in conjunction with them.

If you would like to become part of the testing panel please follow this link for information on how to join in

GreenKiddie blogs about BornFree™

GreenKiddie is a great website dedicated to supporting people who wish to be “green parents”  by providing tips and information. We are delighted to see that a post about us  BPA-Free BornFreeTM products for parents who want the best for their kids has been added to their blog.

The post highlights the potential health risks of BPA and mentions the media briefing that was held by BornFree™ this week. It also features an informative and glowing review of some of our products

it’s not just the BPA-free materials used that has helped BornFreeTM to become number 1 choice for parents, but also the efficacy of the products themselves…..

…..Non-leak bottles and cups are wide-necked, aesthetically pleasing, easy to hold and dishwasher-safe.,

We are very happy to have this coverage on GreenKiddie’s website because we are so proud of our company and our products. Unlike other brands, we have never used harmful toxins in our baby products and we will continue to fight against the use of them in future.

Take a look at the GreenKiddie website here

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